University of Texas, Arlington


This is the second biggest University in the Texas University system and the seventh University with the most accelerated growth in the United States. In addition, it is among of the 50 most popular American universities for international students


The University of Texas Arlington (UTA) has expert teachers and dedicated resources that support more than 180 degree programs in a rigorous way in 10 different schools. It also has research centers in almost all disciplines. This effort has catalogued them as a university with a high level of research according to the Carnegie Foundation for the advanced teaching.


The UTA students come from all across the United States and from more than 123 countries, having as a result one of the most diverse universities in terms of nationalities and cultures.


In this program, the different environmental problems that affect the promotion of health are evaluated. The course is oriented to design and implement health promotion strategies and to apply the concepts of health promotion directed to personal health.


Duration: 160 hours


Global Supply Chain Management program covers the best procedures to lead and manage the supply chain. From the structuring of a global supply area, purchase calculations for goods and services, solutions within the supply chain, to the supervision of the delivery controls and receipt of products. 
Duration 160 hours.


Currently, it is important to know how to manage the different stages of a project, learn the management principles and how to apply the strategies that generate efficient results into reality. This program is oriented towards learning and understanding a project, executing it and reducing its risks to make it stable and sustainable.


Duration: 160 hours


The financial collapse illustrated how giving importance to the corporate risks can have catastrophic consequences not only for institutions and organizations, but also for society. This program is focused on identifying and evaluating the possible risks and on prioritizing the risks of new businesses.


Duration: 160 hours.