ILUMNO announces the creation of ILUMNO Serviços, which already emerges with UniFil as the first customer

Rio de Janeiro
09 | 03 | 2016
Pete Pizarro y Arlindo

The creation of the global operations center will result in the offering of an innovative and wide range of services and leading edge technologies for private higher education institutions.


ILUMNO, formerly called Whitney University System, with almost 200 thousand enrolled, and positioned among the largest organizations of higher education of Latin America, announced this Tuesday (8th) a series of changes that are part of their expansion plans in the following years. The major change is the launch of an innovative line of services in the country: ILUMNO Serviços.

Through a wide range of services and leading edge technologies, ILUMNO Serviços delivers support to higher education Brazilian institutions that seek expansion and modernization with quality and on a sustainable basis. The study entrusted by ILUMNO to Hoper, consulting firm specialized in education, strengthens the positive perspectives for the organization’s plans in Brazil. In accordance with the research, the composition of strategic partnerships and the expansion of new technologies, mainly in distance learning, are some of the trends of private Brazilian higher education.

The creation of ILUMNO  and ILUMNO Serviços foresees, until 2020, a total investment of BRL 173 million directly in Brazil for the implementation, development, and consolidation of the service model. In addition to direct investment, the country will also leverage the application of resources foreseen for all the network—BRL 1 billion in the same period.

The creation and development of global operation centers helps our institutions and will help all our future partners of ILUMNO in the country. We are committed to Brazilian higher education and we want to be quite active in expanding the access to quality higher education”, states Arlindo Cardarett Vianna, CEO of ILUMNO in Brazil.

ILUMNO will focus their activities in the country in the development of institutions already kept by the organization and of future acquisitions. Their services division, ILUMNO Serviços, already started to work in a service offering for higher education institutions intended to extend access to quality education in Brazil.

Our services help higher education institutions that seek to expand and modernize on a sustainable financial basis, always focused on continuous improvement of academic quality and seeking education that promotes student success on the labour market”, states Pete Pizarro, global CEO of ILUMNO.

Until 2020, ILUMNO intends to support 15 institutions in Brazil, amongst the current institutions, future acquisitions, and those served as service provider. In this last segment, the first contract of ILUMNO Serviços was announced on Tuesday (8th), with UniFil, higher education institution of Londrina recognized for their outstanding academic quality and recognition in Agronomy, Biomedicine and Veterinary Medicine areas.

After visiting other institutions that work with ILUMNO Serviços outside Brazil, we are highly motivated to implement all services and technology that ILUMNO offers and, with this, benefit all our student and academic community, while seeking a fast and financially sustainable expansion for Unifil.”, declared Eliazar Ferreira, rector of UniFil.

ILUMNO operates in Brazil since 2006, managing the Universidade Veiga de Almeida - UVA (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) and the Centro Universitário Jorge Amado - Unijorge (Salvador, BA), and holds a history of success in the country. Under the management of ILUMNO, Unijorge and UVA have more than doubled their student populations. Unijorge became the largest private university of Salvador and a reference of quality higher education in Bahia, with continuous improvement of the General Course Index (IGC), defined by the Ministry of Education, since 2009. UVA is currently the second best private university of Rio de Janeiro and is among the best of Brazil, in accordance with the IGC. 

ILUMNO is based in Miami, United States, and was created in 2005 as Whitney University System. The change of name in Latin America was announced at the end of 2015, after a strategic rebranding process. Currently, ILUMNO is present in seven countries of Latin America—Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Paraguay—and their main objective is to extend access of quality higher education. In total, ILUMNO has 10 thousand lecturers and collaborators and about 200 thousand students, out of which 56 thousand are in Brazil.


With a highly specialized team and the development of services, processes, and leading edge technology, ILUMNO looks at expanding and modernizing higher education institutions on a financial sustainable basis. The main focus of the organization is the continuous improvement of academic quality and offering education that promotes student success in the labor market.

Their activities are developed in two areas of work. One of them is the direct management of institutions owned by ILUMNO and the other is offering services, processes, and technology to institutions that celebrate long-term collaboration contracts with the organization.

Based in Miami, in the United States, ILUMNO is present in seven countries of Latin America, working with 11 prestigious higher education institutions and gathering a total of 45 campuses, about 600 distance learning poles, 10 thousand lecturers and collaborators, and approximately 200 thousand students.

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