Babson College is a private business school in Wellesley, Massachusetts, established in 1919. Its central focus is on entrepreneurship education, and it is often ranked as the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States.

It was founded by Roger W. Babson as an all-male business institute. Now co-ed, Babson College offers bachelor's degrees in business administration and concentrations in more than twenty-five areas of study.

Finance for Modern Entrepreneurs

Having a solid understanding of financial terms, information, and metrics is essential for becoming a successful entrepreneur or manager. In all business, the financial area is key - both in its creation and in its development and growth. Through the Certificate in Finance for Modern Entrepreneurs, you will learn how to analyze business opportunities to verify financial viability, locate financing, and grow the business to determine how to make the most efficient use of capital. You will also gain skills in accounting that will help you navigate financial conversations. With a solid understanding of these topics, you will make solid financial decisions and lead more confidently.

Marketing Strategies for Modern Entrepreneurs

In a changing and highly competitive environment, a successful entrepreneur needs to know what their client needs, what product meets this need, and the strategies to implement to reach the right consumer and all of this while using their available resources efficiently. In the Marketing Strategies for Modern Entrepreneurs certificate you will learn to identify the right target for your business, create value for your consumers, and generate loyalty and enthusiasm for the product or service. You will also master the use of digital strategies with greater potential, by applying them, using prototypes, and managing the resources and talents needed to make your project grow.

Principles of Modern Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur has a differentiated way of thinking, acting and implementing their idea or project. Through the Certificate in Principles of Modern Entrepreneurship, you will learn how an entrepreneurial mind works to create value both in society and for future shareholders. You will learn this by making use of an established methodology for ET&A™ and the adequate interpretation and mastery of information, which provides a clear competitive advantage to any business. You will learn to analyze and implement modern analytics for making sound decisions with a new entrepreneurial mindset.